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Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator®, Prana Generator® Chi-Card® and Orgonite®
are registered trademarks owned by Karl Hans Welz, the inventor
of these devices
and of the material, Orgonite®, which attracts and accumulates life force. 
Any person other than our distributors who uses these registered trademarks
does so in blatant violation of the law. It is up to you to use common sense
and decide whether you trust such outfits and folks or not.  Furthermore ...

... Purchasing from a thief and supporting him certainly is not the wisest thing to do ... in fact, much of the time it is not the wisest thing to expect any integrity in business from a thief!

... because you may end up being his or her next victim !!!

I would have ignored this situation all together, if it were not for the increasing smear campaign and slander against me that comes from some of those thieves.
And there are others who peddle simple orgone accululators made with orgonite® as "orgone generators®." others claim that those devices convert DOR (deadly orgone energy) into orgone, which only an orgone generator® can do that emits pulsed orgone. To top off their utter ignorance, those folks claim that Reich found the technology to convert DOR into orgone, of which, in fact, he had not the slightest idea (see his info about his oranur experiment)! Of course, such ignorance is unavoidabe for persons who (1) did not study the subject matter and simply think to have a good marketing niche, and who (2) are copying from copycats (thieves) who, of course, fail to mention that I invented that which they ripped off, most of the time for reasons of marketing.

Consequently, since things got out of hand, I had to make a decision that I did not plan originally.

It is a natural occurence that new technology is ripped off, usually by people who do not have the intelligence to create something new on their own.
Quite often, stolen technology sells a bit cheaper, especially if the thief cannot completely understand the function of the devices and simply copies that which is seen with relative ease.
Cheaper does not mean better, of course. Anybody can steal the design of a hybrid car, put an inferior engine inside and glue a few crystals, coils and pyramids on the hood to make it look "different" ...
In fact, one of the ripoff artists was a distributor of my devices at first, when he started marketing his own radionics program. Since he never paid me for a single device that I drop shipped to his customers, I had to discontinue this type "distributorship", and consequently he decided to steal the technology. Soon afterwards, he started a smear campaign to slander me, claiming some "expertise" in a field where he obviously did not get much further than ripping off the most obvious and rudimentary features.

Not having much creativity on their own as far as the technology is concerned, some of the ripoff artists were not capable of using their own wording in their marketing attempts and others shamelessly thunder-copied the designs as well. Besides giving you a good laugh, a closer look at some of the web sites of thieves can tell you more than a thousand words, as does the fact that some of them even go to the extent of peddling their merchandise for "healing".

Some of those marketers have so much "expertise" in the field that they are unaware of the difference between an orgone accumulator and a generator of life force. Reminds me of someone charging a car battery, testing the electricity output after charging and then claiming it "generates" electricity.  For instance, they sell primitive orgone accumulators as "orgone generators" just because of the energy they are feeling. To label a pendant with a blob of orgonite® (my registered trademark that a bunch of people steal freely) in it an "orgone generator®" compares to labeling an electrical coil or a metal sheet attracting static electricity as being a "generator of electricity," perhaps as a marketing blurb or for some "channeled metaphysical" reasons.   In other words, such a mix up is utterly ignorant and stupid, to say the least!

Some ripoff artists decided to steal my copyrighted materials in addition to the technology: among other things the AoD (Alphabet of desire) filters (Ernie Vega, for radionics programs and Büngner for a short time in his "quantec" program, which itself was preceded for years prior to his release by similar programs in the USA), Rune course materials (James Templar) and my translation of the Faust book (James Templar). Some even warned against Chi generators for years until they decided to steal the technology to build and peddle them.

This certainly is something to think about before making a purchase, unless you are hell-bent on dealing with thieves: Other peoples' ideas just may not be the only thing that those folks are willing to steal in order to turn a buck!

Caveat Emptor - let the Buyer Beware !!!

Funniest of all - I invented the generator in 1991, started marketing devices in the same year, invented orgonite in 1992, and it took copycats roughly 7 years before they started to rip off my technology - the first one was in Germany, also posing as "distributor" at first, followed by Don Croft about a year later with his "orgonezapper"!  Personally I like Croft quite a bit, since I met him in person years ago.  Not exactly my approach, and it is not bad that people like him are around.  The funniest thing is that some folks claim Croft "invented" orgonite® (my registered trademark) - apparently 8 years after I did invent it and shortly after he found out about my technology.  Croft used "metal shavings" which worked ok, but needed much more epoxy or any other polymer - which contributed to the massvie sizes of such devices - the finer the metal powder, the more "layers" in a Reichian sense.  For beginners:  you can use bees' wax, tar or paraffin ("candlewax") - which, of course, does not have the stability of expoy, polyester, asphalt or any other "solid" carbon-based polymer.  You can also use "powdered wood cellulose" (wood dust from belt sanders) mixed with some type of glue.  Glue itself is "organic" - therefore mixing metal powder (you can get very fine powder in arts supply stores) with glue or latex paint makes excellent orgonite for layering/painting a few times over metal casings such as stainless steel cooking pots and the like, and you are ending up with a nice orgone accumulator!  What counts is that one part is "organic" while the other one is "metallic."  Use your creativity!

DOR (deadly orgone) and Geopathic Stress Zones

Being confronted with the potential of DOR, I invented a DOR generator almost immediately after inventing the orgone generator.  The advantage of such a generator is that it can be turned off with ease, contrary to the orgone accumulator that contained radioactive material in Reich's Oranur experiment. The effect of the DOR generator on the human being was evident immediately.  Within seconds, bystanders felt pain in their lymph nodes and felt weak, and some felt nauseous or at least very "edgy".  This situation changed immediately whenever a pulsating orgone generator® (the old EPG 2000 was used for this series of experiments. The device looked somewhat like a muffler and it had the strength of the JU 99 CE) was brought close to the DOR generator.  Contrary to the marketing claims of some thieves of my technology, orgonite® (the very effective orgone accumulating material, which I invented) alone has no effects in counteracting DOR. Such idiotic claims have more the aspect of being marketing strategies of people whose only skill is to steal ideas and technologies. To avoid embarrassing statements as to who invented orgnite, some of the thieves went as far as crediting Reich with transforming DOR back into orgone. In fact, Reich had not the slightest idea that such a thing can be done, and all he knew to do is his method of "grounding" DOR with his cloud busters. 

In fact, in the DOR generator, orgonite® is the major contributing factor to actually generate massive amounts of DOR in my DOR generator. It acts just like the orgone accumulator with 20 layers that Reich used in his experimentation, the Oranur Experiment, with a lot more effect! Naturally, in the DOR generator, Orgonite® is more effective and much smaller quantities are needed to generate DOR.  On the other hand any strong orgone accumulator, whether a layered unit or a blob of orgonite (since I am enforcing the trademark situation by now, it has other names, from "organite" - still similar - to some types of "matrix") works very well accumulating orgone, till it is massively exposed to radiation and other negative environmental factors, as did already the Reichian orgone accumulator.  I repeat: an orgone accumulator needs to be exposed massively to EMF energies to become a center of DOR.

With the pulsating orgone generator® close to it, the DOR that emanated from the DOR generator itself began to pulsate again: it lost its stale characteristics and therefore it was immediately transformed into healthy orgone energy.   Consequently, the feeling of the atmosphere surrounding the device immediately changed from depressive-sickening to uplifting-energizing.  Reich was obviously correct when describing DOR as an orgone energy that has become stale and rigid. His accumulators, of course, became part of the problem rather than part of the solution. It took my invention of the orgone generator® to have an effective mean against DOR. A blob of orgonite in a pendant or an other static orgonite device are nothing more than orgone accumulators, not generators as their marketers claim.

We experienced similar effects when orgone generators® of the JU 99 CE type were brought into places that had heavy DOR present such as in rooms with lots of fluorescent tubes and/or computer monitors.  The atmosphere became agreeable almost immediately.  They also work well when brought close to a "fouled up" Reichian orgone accumulator or orgone accumulating blob of orgonite such as a fouled-up "holly handgrenade". 


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